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Internship Duration

Internships are either short-term (less than 3 months) or long-term (6-12 months). Most internships start at the beginning of the summer or the beginning of the school year. The exact dates of your internship can be discussed with the Site Coordinator to take into account your availability.

Internship Tracks

Regardless of the track you choose, all interns engage in four areas to varying degrees: (1) reaching lost people, (2) building up the local church, (3) personal development, and (4) administrative responsibilities related to serving as part of the team.

Discover My Calling

For those who are seeking the next step and open to God's will for their life. Come test out your capacity for cross-cultural living while you take a purposeful deep-dive into discerning God's voice.

Community Center Ministry

This internship emphasizes community center ministry in a predominantly North African neighborhood with an emphasis on hospitality, kids, families, conversation, and program development.

French Language Acquisition

For interns pursuing long-term service in a French-language context. You'll invest most of your time in learning French in a classroom setting, with an emphasis on immediate and practical application.

Church Ministries

Partner with believers from around the world in the context of an English-language Alliance international church. Ministry opportunities vary based on gifting, experience, and season.

Summer Team Host

This internship focuses on hosting summer teams for ten days at a time. It's a fast-paced and intense way to gain cross-cultural experience, serve others, and contribute to the work of the Kingdom.

Performing Arts Ministry

Learn how to share the Gospel and advance the Kingdom of God through the performing arts. We are currently developing local partnerships in the areas of dance and theatre, and already have the capacity to host small visual arts exhibitions.

Monthly Costs

$2,095 base cost (housing, food, ministry, stipend, fees, etc.)
Up-Front (One-Time) Costs

$   150 deposit for per-internship training weekend
$   100 insurance (estimated)
$   150 passport (if needed)
$   200 French visa, plus travel to French consulate (for internships longer than 3 months)

Optional Costs

$   700 full-time language school (monthly)
$   500 part-time language school (monthly)

A General Hourly Breakdown of Weekly Responsibilities